Swingers Club for Mature Chairs!

Turntable, urban farming center run by Dodo in mid-Pasila is looking for chairs that are suitable for outdoor usage. The chairs will be used at the Turntable cafe and it´s happenings, which opens this spring. Forget about plastic chairs and sitting down for work – we are looking for your wooden chairs! You can donate chairs on the site on the time that suits you best during week 15 or on the day 14.4.

Turntable together with Ore.e.Refineries is organising a chair workshop where the chairs will be fixed to meet outdoor usage requirements and chairs and benches will be made of waste wood. People joining the workshop have the opportunity to learn the usage of hand operated power-tools and about the surface treatment of wood. The workshop does not cost a penny and is run by Ore.e Refineries staff, known from the awe-inspiring “NO-CHAIR-DESIGN” Campaign.

If you do not wish to donate your favorite chair – You may use this opportunity to fix it and take it back at the end of the day. First 15 fit in the workshop, make sure to register by sending an email: pasila@kaupunkiviljely.fi

Open Doors Workshop
14.4. 10-17
Donations are collected:
(vk15 9.4-14.4)

Tips for people donating chairs: Avoid chairs which, have complicated hindges (office chairs etc). or are overlayed with textiles.
Tips for partisipants: Bring you protection gear… umh… I mean
earmuffs and eye protection.. Sunglasses will do nicely.

Map: http://kaantopoyta.fi/yhteystiedot/
Ore.e Refineries: http://oree.storijapan.net/NCD-C/


No-Chair-Design Campaign

Ore.e Ref. is challenging designers of the world to NOT design chairs the next year. It’s that simple.

We believe that the world already has enough chairs. Designing new ones only takes time away from renovating the ones we already have. Consider this the ultimate challenge for you to rethink how sustainable design should be manifested. If not that… Then think about the amount of time you’ll save when you don’t have to design chairs for a year.