An experimental, collaborative Twitter project that aims to present critical but constructive takes on Finnish design and its structures during World Design Capital 2012. Behind-the-scenes peaks into how things work and what people really think, the uncut version. Discussion is open to all by using hashtag #helsinkiuncut. You’re also welcome to follow handle @helsinkiuncut to start with. Spirit of building.



Mushrooming is a network of small studios of creative fields in Helsinki, just started up this spring. It aims to better information flow in between the studios, in order to add collaboration in work as well as in leisure, to share resources and breed new ideas. While connecting creative people from amateurs to professionals, Mushrooming makes visible some alternative ways of making one’s living from creative fields as well as enjoying them as a hobby. Design happens also outside the national corporations. To what degree are we all designers?

Project for year 2012: Mushrooming would like to realize a new online forum for interaction between/with studios. This would integrate the discussion already happening in Facebook. Mushrooming is also looking for some location aware platform, so that the studios could find each other on map and meet in the physical city. There are also ideas on resource sharing, studio nomadism, design kiosks etc.