Opportunity: potential venues for ADC projects

Alkovi Gallery http://www.alkovi.com/ – We will be interested in executing a project involving artists, urban environment and “accidental” design as well as examining – and creating – social spaces in everyday experience.

Bermuda Helsinki (http://bermudahelsinki.blogspot.com/) – Bermuda Helsinki is looking for a venue for the winter!

HUB Helsinki (http://helsinki.the-hub.net) – During the course of 2012 we will be hosting and arranging ADC events of our own. We can provide our space for other ADC events as well.

Oranssi (http://www.oranssi.net) – new Valvomo venue opening in Suvilahti in Jan-Feb 2012

Ptarmigan (http://ptarmigan.fi / http://ptarmigan.ee) Ptarmigan Helsinki is a mobile curatorial platform that grew out of a project space in Vallila, 2009-2010. Ptarmigan has organised over 100 events such as concerts, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, and other events. It has hosted an artist-in-residency programme since it began, and in 2011 we opened a new location in Tallinn, Estonia which will hopefully link the alternative arts scenes of the two cities.

XL art space (http://xlartspace.tumblr.com). XL is an art space located in the centre of Helsinki. Rather than specific media, XL focuses on the contents of art. It is an arena for experimental and interdisciplinary art. XL also hosts discussions, performances and other projects. XL shares premises with Indian Summer clothing store in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. Indian Summer offers vintage clothes and creations of independent designers as well as DJ sets and live performances every Friday. – We are interested in hosting events. Discussions, screenings or exhibitions, for example. Something to question the lines between art and design. Something experimental / strange / funny / cool! / ?

Aalto Media Factory / Aalto Fablab (http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/ / http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/?p=1190#more-1190). Media Factory is a platform for collaboration and development in media-related research and education within the Aalto University and various stakeholders from the media industry, the public sector, third sector etc. Fablab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop for digital “do-it-yourself” fabrication with digitally controlled manufacturing machines. Aalto Fablab is in the Aalto Media Factory.

Memo from ADC Gathering #1

In the first ADC Gathering, 9 different ADC projects were introduced by their initiators. We made a thematic map of all the projects and explored various ways to make connections between them. Then we proceeded to make these connections very concrete: each project could make a list of their needs and what they could offer for other projects, and people could sign up if they were interested in getting involved in a certain project. Each project found new participants – in the end each list had 5-15 names!

Full memo from the ADC Gathering #1:

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ADC working group meeting (28 Nov 2011)

ADC meeting on Monday 28 November 18:00 at HUB Helsinki, Annankatu 31-33C, 2nd floor.


  1. Introduction round
    1. The usual quick introduction round, but we give a bit more space for people who come to the meetings for the first time to explain their interests on ADC
  2. Working groups
    1. Each of three working groups will shortly introduce their proposals.
  3. Deciding the agenda for the rest of the meeting: what has to be decided, what should be discussed, what needs open brainstorming. Let’s decide this using the ‘open agendas’ method described here: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/tools/starting/running-effective-meetings
  4. Collective discussion and/or work in smaller groups
  5. We decide potential times and dates for the next meeting

Let’s wrap up the session latest at 20:30.


ADC working group meeting (8 Nov 2011)

ADC meeting at m-cult (photo by Juha Huuskonen)

ADC working group meeting on Tuesday 8 November 18:00 at m-cult, Hämeentie 28 (entrance from street level).


  1. Short introduction of m-cult & m-cult’s Kallio archive project
  2. Clarifying the tasks of the three working groups (we discuss this all together)
  3. Setting the date for next big ADC meeting
  4. Dividing the people to 3 working groups
    1. Brainstorming and discussion in 3 working groups
    2. Individual groups decide the next steps


  • We need to decide how the working groups function. Is there one main responsible person for each working group?
    • I would propose that the groups are led by two or three people who coordinate their responsibility on doing whatever needs to be done. This way there will be no bottle necks. -Ville
  • Other questions?


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ADC 2nd meeting (19 Oct 2011)

'Speed dating' at second ADC meeting (photo by Juha Huuskonen)

Second ADC meeting on Wednesday 19 October 18:00 at HUB Helsinki, Annankatu 31-33C, 2nd floor.


  1. A quick introduction round
    1. “Speed-dating” – we arrange chairs in two rows opposite one another, people sit down and talk with the person sitting opposite for 1 minute, then the people in the other row shift seats so that a new combination of people can talk to one another for 1 minute, we repeat this procedure 5-6 times (so the whole thing takes 5-6 minutes in total))
  2. A short introduction to HUB Helsinki (Sami Oinonen or someone else from HUB Helsinki)
  3. Introducing the draft of the ADC website (Sami Niemelä & co, Nordkapp)
  4. Case Pohjois-Haaga & Lassila: Sampsa will introduce the initiatives that inhabitants have started in Pohjois-Haaga, more information: Alueen asukkaat tekemään omaa aluesuunnitelmaa Pohjois-Haagalla ja Lassilalle , Asukkaiden aluesuunnitelma alkaa muotoutumaan and Asukkaiden aluesuunnitelma selkiytyy .
  5. Deciding the topics for further discussion, so far proposed ones are:
    1. Feedback for website development: what kind of website does ADC need? This discussion can be expanded to deal with PRACTICAL NEEDS that people or organisations might have. what kind of communication channels ADC needs?
    2. ADC Manifesto? Making a statement / statements about what design and ADC ought to be or do? This discussion can be useful for all of us to get to know each other better, and to get a better understanding of the MOTIVATIONS and ASPIRATIONS that individual people and projects have
    3. Process for joining and acting as part of ADC: work out the process through which people, organizations and projects come to be a part of ADC. This connects to the website, but is fundamentally atechnical. Because we want to be open and act as a platform, for example, at the moment we should communicate clearly to the people outside our development process, how to understand what we are working on and in what possible ways it is possible to join the process. This needs to somehow connect to the manifesto as well.
    4. Other suggestions? We can also gather topics that could be discussed in future meetings
  6. We split to smaller groups, to discuss the different topics
  7. We summarise the discussions
  8. Identify potential actionsteps and delegate them to willing and able parties (we form working groups to tackle different tasks / topics)
  9. Decide potential times and dates for the next meeting


(from an email written by Juha Huuskonen)

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday! We had a long and fruitful meeting, until 9:30 or so.

Here are some photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juhahuuskonen/sets/72157627812472715/with/6263559660/

The participants divided into three groups. “Vision/Dreams”, “Processes” and “Funding”. All three groups seemed to converge and agree on one statement / approach / perspective to design and what ADC is. This was

‘building relationships’ or ‘building connections’

As a statement this could perhaps be expressed as ‘design is a relationship’ or something similar.

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ADC 1st meeting (Mon 26 Sept)

First meeting of ADC (photo by Antti Ahonen)


First meeting on Monday 26 September at 18:00 at Oranssi in Suvilahti, Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (http://www.oranssi.net/). We meet in their upcoming Valvomo space (currently under renovation, opening in early 2012). If you cannot find the place, please call Otso Lapila (+358 44 5335868) or Juha Huuskonen (+358 40 570 96 17).

Please let us know if you are coming: http://doodle.com/rtzvm767kccpbwvq

Proposal for meeting agenda:

  1. Short introduction round, participant can propose topics for further discussion
  2. We split to smaller groups, to discuss different topics (if necessary, depending on the amount of people who show up in the meeting)
  3. We summarise the discussions
  4. We vote about the name
  5. We decide about the next steps and set the next meeting date

Please try to be on time! And let’s try to get through the agenda in max 2 hours, and then we can continue informal discussions (in a bar ;) .

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Alternative Helsinki WDC? The early planning Googledoc

On Wednesday 13 September 2011 an Googledoc was published to gather ideas for an ‘Alternative Helsinki WDC’. Anyone could edit the document and pass the address of the document further. In less than 48 hours the Googledoc started to become a mess, due to too many simultaneous editors. The process was then moved on a wiki page.

Here is the  archive of the content of the Googledoc:

- – - – - – -

Alternative Helsinki WDC?

Let’s gather thoughts about an alternative Helsinki WDC here! Please feel free to forward the address to potentially interested people / organisations (but please no press releases to mainstream media yet…).

This is in English so that non-Finnish speaking people can participate as well… But feel free to write comments / ideas / etc in Finnish as well. Eli suomeksikin voi kirjoittaa!


* ‘Open Helsinki’ – grassroot urban culture
* Digital culture
* Open design (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_design)
* All kinds of other things that were left out from Helsinki WDC programme?
* Hacking all sorts.
* Reconceptualizations of design

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